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Router bits and machinery for proper fabrication of plastics like PMMA (acrylic glass), PC, PE, PVC etc as well as materilals like Alucobond

Sawblades, cutters and routerbits for hand guided working or CNC, drills, polishing cutters, gloss-cutters, resharpening service

Massive carbide router bits - Serie

  • AU  Z=1, raising helix 30° for Acryl GS 
  • AU  Z=1, raising helix 45° for XT, PC, PE, PVC
  • AC  Z=2, raising helix - universal
  • TT   Z=2, oppressive helix, for Alucobond
  • TU  Z=1, oppressive helix for material thickness up to 2mm
Standard dimensions on stock, short-term production for non-standard

MD-router bit

Polishing cutter - Serie MD

Tipped with monocristallin diamond this tool gives you a shiny transparent finish in acrylic glass if used on a proper CNC-router.

Further information at the manufactorer's website
Polishing cutter with MD and DP inserts

Polishing cutter - PKD/MD

One body to be used in the polish-cutting-machine that can hold 2, 3 or 4 exchangeable inserts

  • PCD-precutter
  • PCD- or MD-finishing cutter

for transparent or semi-gloss finish