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AKV 800

V-grooving is a quick and precise technique to simpy fold sheets instead of cutting and glueing stripes. With the AKV800 albinkraus offers a ridgid and simple to use V-groover that does grooves for profiled edges combined with an automatic tape-supplier.

AKV-800 V-grooving machine

V-groover - AKV-800

The machine provides:

  • Powerful engine, powerful automatic feeder
  • Plug for dust-absorbation
  • Diameter of tool 200mm
  • Max. width of tool 100mm
  • Max. width of grooved edge: 300mm
  • Very ridgid construction

The principle of the v-grooving machine:

Does grooves for profiled edges combined with an automatic tap-supplier.

  • Referring to the router, lots of folded edges are possible. An adhesive tape is glued and cut on the downside of the sheet automatically - the automatic feeder transports the sheet to the router.
  • The router cuts the solid surface at the upper side, but not the adhesive tape. Therefore, routed pieces stay together to be glued.
What a quick way to go! (Movie!)
AKV-800 V-grooving example


Front-edges or even the backsplash-profile can be cut within only one pass.

But also think of sinks, columns ...