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Fabricating solid surface using CNC

albinkraus produces tools for proper fabricating solid-surface materials like Corian, Staron, HiMacs, Rauvisio etc on CNC-routers within a standard range or on demand and either carbide tipped (HW), diamond (pcd) tipped (DP) or with exchangable tips. Also albinkraus can supply clamping devices in SK or HSK.

CNC for solid-surface

CNC-cutters for solid-surface

  • Formatting cutters either in HW (carbide tipped) or DP (diamond)
  • Rounding cutters and channel cutters for the backsplash profile with same zero-diameter. So you need to program only one contour
  • Cutters on demand in high quality and short delivery time

CNC-clamping devices

CNC-clamping devices

The milling result not only depends on the cutter, but also on how it ist attached to the machines spindle. albinkraus can suppy the proper clamping devices for your CNC:

  • Hollow taper shank (eg HSK63F) or cone (eg SK30)
  • collet-chuck with ball-bearing-nut
  • Hydro-chucks
  • Thermo shrink fit chucks
  • Tool mandrels, sawblade-flanges etc.


A basic cours, adapted to the needs of the participants is useful

  • bevore you buy a machine to learn understanding the offers
  • after you bought to use it successfully

You learn:

  • Machine-types, mounting possibilities, forces while working
  • Advantage and disadvantage of common clamping devices
  • Tool-technology: Angles, rotation speed, infeed, chip handling
  • On demand practical training on a 3-axis-SCM
  • If wanted, programming basics