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Albin Kraus sen. established his workshop for saw repairing in 1937. Later in 1967 his son, Albin Kraus jun., our current senior, took over the business and developed a tool sharpening service and -selling which were honoured for their quality.

albinkraus gmbh, Tulln, Niederösterreich, Toolproduction and resharpening service

After 65 years at the same place in the centre of Vienna, there was definitely no more space for further growth. In 2002 the company moved in its new building in Tulln an der Donau, offering plenty of space for the tool factory with selling and sharpening service.

Robert and  Wolfgang Kraus are leading the company as family enterprise: small enough to react flexibly and fast to customer requests and large enough, to be equipped for every task.In 2012 - to their 75th anniversery - albinkraus was awarded by the Republic of Austria.
Design and CAD-construction

Design and CAD-construction

albinkraus, Tulln, Niederösterreich, tool-production and resharpening service

Partview of albinkraus' high-end machine-euqipment


Production of mills and router-bits

  • made from solid carbide (VHM) 
  • carbide tipped (HW)
  • diamond tipped (DP)
  • with exchangeable cutting inserts


Proper repair and resharpening of sawblades, router bits, drills etc ...

Measuring and quality-check at albinkraus
Measuring and quality-check

Testing, research and customer-training in the albinkraus-technikum