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The albinkraus-heating-units are ideally qualified for thermoforming solid-surface-materials: Because of the intensive heating-effect and the independently adjustable temperature for upper and lower plate it is possible to fabricate even small radiusses save and without cracks. Combined with the proper vacuum or hydraulic press you can achieve best results easily.

Always follow the instructions of your material-supplier.


This short movie shows thermoforming of solid-surface materials like Corian, Staron, HiMacs, GetaCore, Rauvisio usw using

  • Table heater AKB-15-8
  • Vacuumpress 2600x1300 with vacuumtank
  • Hydraulic press for deep moulds

Stripe-heater BiegeFix - AKB16/6

  • Ready-to-go delivery
  • Easy connected with 230V light current
  • Only 15 minutes heating time from the cold machine to your first 'weak' stripe
  • 'Sandwich'-heating between two plates
  • Independently adjustable temperature for upper and lower panel
  • Userfriendly and fair-priced moveable table-model
Workshop heater AKB

Workplace-heater series AKB - AKB-15/8

Ready-to-go delivery!
Only 15 minutes heating time from the cold machine to the first 'weak' stripe!
Heaters on top and bottom side!
Upper heater is adjustable for contact during heating.
Bottom heater is moveable forward and backward for easy access
Practical, cheap table model
Independently adjustable temperature for upper and lower panel between 40-200°C!
Vacuum press

Vacuum-membrane-presses - GTP-I

The workpiece is placed between a mould and a high-elastic silicone membrane under which the air is sucked off. So the pressure of the surrounding air presses the sheet against the mould.

  • Easy and cheap one-piece-moulds
  • A number of moulds can be placed on the table at the same time
  • Also available with integrated heater
  • Quick acting vacuum-tank available
  • Range of different dimensions
  • Plug-and-Play delivery
  • Ergonomic working height for easy handling hot sheets
  • Useful cord-handle to easyly close the cover
  • Simple using: Close cover, close air-valve, open vacuum valve - that's it
  • Exchangeable top-frame with different membranes for different working heights
Hydraulic presse

Hydraulic Presses - HydPress

The only solution for deep moulds (eg for sinks) that cannot be used with vacuum-technique

  • Plug-and-Play delivery
  • Different sizes available
  • Hydraulic pressure 200 bar
  • Pressplates 800 x 400 oder 1300 x 600 mm
  • Open distance 100 bis 900 mm
  • Pressure capacity 40 t
  • Cylinder-Speed 10 mm/s
  • 400 V, 50Hz, 3-phase

We also offer compatible moulds. Please ask for it!