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Tischschleifmaschine AK-TSM

disk-sander - AK-TSM-1000

Disk-sanding machine AK-TSM-1000

The albinkraus-AK-TSM was designed for sanding thermoformed sinks or bowls.
Basically it consists of a horicontal sandig disk with adjustable rotation-speed. The disk-surface carries a velcro to attach the sanding pad. Both are perforated to let the dust go through, driven by an connectable optional vacuum.
  • BxTxH:             1560x1060x950mm
  • Disk-diameter:        1000mm
  • Direction of rotation:        right/left selectable
  • Rotation speed:                 app 35-95 rpmV
  • Vacuum-connector:                ø90mm
  • Mains:                        3~400V/50Hz/16AT
  • Time-relais for trailing-time of dust-extractor buildt in
  • Necessary vacuum:            ca 2500m³/Std

Powerful disk sander - Quad-Master


With this new excenter-sander you easily produce plane surfaces! Simply put it on the surface using the side handles, guide it smoothly using its top handle while its weight together with the sanding pad(s) and the connectable vacuum gives perfect results!

  • Disk-diameter 38cm
  • Excenter-stroke: 20mm
  • Speed adjustable up to 130/min
  • Power consumtion 750W
  • Weight 18.5kg
  • Mains: 230V/50Hz

Hand-sander - Mirka-Deros


This electric driven excenter-sander is unbelievable light-weight and convinces with extremly low vibrations, thus allowing it to be uses for 8 hours permanent working. It comes with one disk 125mm and another one with 150mm. Stroke 5mm.
EUR 590.00
excl. VAT., ex factory
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