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Tools for proper wood-working in MDF, chipboard and - of course - wood.

Wide range of standard-tools like sawblades, router bits, cutters, drills. But albinkraus also offers short-time production of custom-tools, tipped with carbide (HW) or diamond (DP) as well as a first class resharpening service.
TC-router bits

Router bits

  • AA  Z=2, straight edges
  • AC  Z=2, positive helix 15°
  • AR  Z2/3, rough cutters
  • UD  Z2+2, double helix
  • TT   Z=2, negative helix for Alucobond or rebates

Standard-dimensions from stock, quick production on demand



  • Serie DP - PCD-edges on TC-body - slim and ridgid
  • Serie ecoDIA - Z1 good choice in many wood-materials

Lames de scies en carbure

Carbide-saws blades

Buy your carbide-saw blades at albinkraus!

The secret of these saw blades are:

  • precisely accustomed and pre-stressed base body
  • every saw-type matches perfectly with application
  • fine CNC-cut
  • competent advisory service
La scie circulaire

PCD-saw blades

Customized production in different sizes of diamonds layers. This leads to the best economice solution starting with cheap disponible saw lades up to heavy-duty saw blades which can be regrinded several times.

Needed order-details:

  • diameter/boring/width of cut
  • tooth shape/shape of cutting edge/aditional borings and/or
  • material/height of the cut/machine type
Router bits

Router bits

Wide range of standard products
  • Rounding cutters
  • Cove cutters
  • Channel cutters

Quick production on demand
  • Production according to customer needs: Carbide (HW) or Diamond (DP) tipped within a few working days only.



carbide tipped (HW), diamond tipped (DP) or with exchangable tips (WP)
  • Groove-cutters (adjustable or fixed), rounding cutters, profiled cutters
  • Cutterheads
  • Planer heads
  • Profiles on demand either Carbide (HM) or Diamond (DP) tipped

CNC-tools and clamps


  • Router bits Carbide (HW) or Diamond (DP) tipped
  • Cutters with exchangeable knifes
  • Drills
  • Sawblades

Tool holders
  • Collet chucks HSK or SK
  • Face mill arbors
  • Hydrochucks

  • Machine and tool-Basics
  • Before buying: What do I expect from a machine?
  • After buying: How shall I use it?


Hinge borers
Point drills
Counterbore drills
Diamond (DP)-point drills for fireresistant plates



Even with modern developments and technology, bandsaws cannot be left out of workplaces.

The original Swedish steel band saw is appropriate for wood machining.

Resharpening service

Resharpening service

  • In time
  • Precise
    • high qualified employees
    • Family led company: The boss himself is the last control
    • CNC-grinding machinery
    • optical and electronical measuring devices
  • Experienced
    • More than 75 years of experience in woodworking tools
  • Cooperation
    • Easy to reach
    • Daily dispatch with parcel service
  • Good value for money
    • In albinkraus prices include cleaning, measuring and several necessary ancillary works.
  • Therfore: Worth the price!

Professional re-sharpening, to make your tool perform like new. More Information ...