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VHW-helix cutters from our own production with 3 flutes
We use a special carbide grade, which is characterized by a good compromise between breaking strength and fineness.
By carefully grinding on high precision CNC machines with selected HQ grinding wheels produced we achieve excellent cutting edges.
This means first-class cutting results and a long service life for you.

Name: Type diameter x cutting length / total length / shank diameter
albinkraus-Serie AR

Serie AR

Helix 15° with roughing edges

for rough cutting of wood as well as plastics

AR8x30/70/8-Z2 (3-Pac)
EUR 228.00
AR10x35/90/10-Z2 (3-Pac)
EUR 285.00
AR12x45/100/12 (2-Pac)
EUR 250.00
AR14x50/110/14 (2-Pac)
EUR 298.00
AR16x55/110/16 (1-Pc)
EUR 181.00
AR20x70/130/20 (1-Pc)
EUR 265.00
AR25x70/130/25 (1-Pc)
EUR 395.00
albinkraus-Serie SF

Serie SF

Helix 15° for deep cuts in wood (eg lock case)

Type SF:     massive carbide (more precise and ridgid)

Type ASF:  carbide edge on steel-shank (crashworthy)

Name: DxCL-MaxDepth/TL/S

SF12x25-100/170/12 (1-Pc)
EUR 207.00
SF14x25-100/170/14 (1-Pc)
EUR 320.00
SF16x25-110/180/16 (1-Pc)
EUR 320.00
ASF14x25-100/170/16 (1-Pc)
EUR 295.00
ASF16x25-110/180/16 (1-Pc)
EUR 295.00
albinkraus-Serie BG

Serie BG

straight edge with spherical relief grinding

perfect for ABS

BG5x35/80/6 (3-Pac)
EUR 189.00
BG5x50/90/6 (3-Pac)
EUR 237.00
BG6x35/80/6 (3-Pac)
EUR 189.00
BG6x50/90/6 (3-Pac)
EUR 237.00
BG7x35/80/8 (3-Pac)
EUR 222.00
BG7x50/90/8 (3-Pac)
EUR 276.00
BG8x35/80/8 (3-Pac)
EUR 222.00
BG8x50/90/8 (3-Pac)
EUR 276.00

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Pricing in EUR ex factory, excl. VAT - given prices only valid within EU