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Router bits from our own production in special designs

Name: Type diameter x cutting length / overall length / shaft diameter
albinkraus-Serie UD

Serie UD

Solid carbide end mills with double helix (dual-cut)

Perfect for joining sections of coated plates. The cutting pressure is always inwards, so generating best edges on the workpiece.

UD6x25/60/6/Z1+1 (5-Pac)
EUR 240.00
UD8x28/70/8/Z1+1 (3-Pac)
EUR 195.00
UD10x30/80/10/Z1+1 (3-Pac)
EUR 231.00
UD12x35/100/12/Z2+2 (2-Pac)
EUR 232.00
UD12x43/100/12/Z2+2 (2-Pac)
EUR 232.00
UD14x50/110/14/Z2+2 (2-Pac)
EUR 320.00
UD16x55/120/16/Z2+2 (1-Pc)
EUR 182.00
UD20x60/130/20/Z2+2 (1-Pc)
EUR 271.00
UD25x70/140/25/Z2+2 (1-Pc)
EUR 420.00
albinkraus-Serie ST

Serie ST

Single edge cutting graver

included angle 60 °

Base width 0.3-0.5mm

ST0.3x60°/50/3 (5-Pac)
EUR 140.00
ST0.3x60°/50/4 (5-Pac)
EUR 140.00
ST0.3x60°/55/6 (5-Pac)
EUR 140.00
ST0.4x60°/60/8 (5-Pac)
EUR 175.00
ST0.5x60°/60/10 (3-Pac)
EUR 135.00
ST0.5x60°/60/12 (3-Pac)
EUR 177.00
albinkraus-Serie DP

Serie DP

Straight and polished diamond cutting edges (DP, PKD) on carbide-supporting body

with HW cutting endface, suitable for dipping

Ideal for aluminum profiles, Alucobond

also HPL, PMMA

DP6x12/60/6/Z1 (1-Pc)
EUR 132.00
DP8x14/60/8/Z1 (1-Pc)
EUR 149.00
DP8x14/60/8/Z2 (1-Pc)
EUR 218.00
DP10x18/70/10/Z2 (1-Pc)
EUR 236.00
DP12x20/75/12/Z2 (1-Pc)
EUR 264.00
DP14x25/80/12/Z2 (1-Pc)
EUR 318.00
DP16x25/80/16/Z2 (1-Pc)
EUR 334.00

Serie ecoDIA

Segmentierte einschneidige DIA-Fräser (PKD): Das unterste Segment hebt, alle anderen drücken. Dadurch saubere Schneidkanten trotz der preisgünstigen Ausführung = sehr wirtschaflich ("eco"!)
Universal für Sperrholz, MDF, beschichtete Spanplatte uvm.

ecoDIA12x26/12-R (1pc)
EUR 199.00
ecoDIA16x38/20-R (1pc)
EUR 247.00
ecoDIA18x45/20-R (1pc)
EUR 278.00
ecoDIA20x53/20-R (1pc)
EUR 299.00
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albinkraus-Serie AD

Special version - Diametre et queue

Intermediate dimensions, other cutting lengths, different shank diameters

possible on most types 

conical cutters

Special version - Coupe conique

Conical or profiled cutting edges

possible on most types 

cutters with corner radius

Special version - Radius

Corner or bullnose radius

possible on most types

albinkraus-Serie AD

Higher depth of cut - Freistellung

allows for greater cutting depths combined with good stability
possible with all types

Proceed:                   VHW-cutters   Z=1                    VHW-cutters   Z=2                     VHW-cutters   Z=3

Pricing in EUR ex factory, excl. VAT - given prices only valid within EU