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Modul 19N

Repair-set - Mod.19N

Useful set of cutters to repair faulty joints.
Depending on the situation you may cut the groove either with the straight cutter C19.10 or with the disk-cutter C19.11.
Shape the counter-piece using C19.12 and cut it off with a sawblade, glue, sand - done!

EUR 232.00
excl. VAT., ex factory
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Hohlkehlen mit Radius 3mm

Backsplash R3 - Mod.14R3

Instead of ugly and unhygienic silicone joints:
Easily produce elegant coves with a radius 3mm with this set of cutters using your AK-8G.

EUR 280.00
excl. VAT., ex factory
Quantity :
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